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About us

Our firm specializes in commercial property management, with a portfolio ranging from shopping centers and strip malls to office buildings. We provide a wide array of boutique services that cater to very specific needs of commercial property clients, understanding that this market is completely different from that of the residential sector both in terms of management and investment. We use a team approach to help our clients, each of our agents brings a wealth of experience to the table, allowing clients to access a level of professionalism and expertise not easily found elsewhere.


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Services from the gamut from vetting property investments to ensure that the options in play are solid and financially beneficial for our clients to the actual complexities of acquiring a property. We also help to manage commercial property tenants, facilitate relationships with financial institutions and vendors and seek out quality businesses for leasing purposes. Commercial property management is a multifaceted business venture, which is why our service offerings are diverse and proven. We are with our clients every step of the process to ensure a positive outcome for all involved parties.


Our portfolio

Years of Experience in Commercial Property Management.

Madison Properties provides property management services for a range of commercial developments, from office buildings to shopping centers. In total, we currently manage over 4 million square feet of property. Take a look at examples of our projects and you’ll find one or more than match your profile investment.


Cross County Plaza


Grand River


West Side Mall


North South Station


Deville Plaza


Columbia Marketplace


River Mall


Kentucky Home Life Building


“Madison Properties has been a pleasure to work with through design and construction phases for property improvements. They have set clear guidelines, stayed involved with the construction, and provided timely responses to questions that arose in the field.”

- Mark F. Stoor, P.E.
Senior Project Engineer

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help in resolving the building issues we've had at this facility. Your communication with me is greatly appreciated.”

- T.J. Patanella
General Manager

“It has been a pleasure to work with Madison Properties, they are responsive and quick. Madison will take the right approach to get the vacancies filled up with quality tenants.”

- Perry D. Russ
Executive Vice President