Commercial Real Estate Projects

Part of our rental property management services includes increasing the value of your property, maximizing revenue as well as conducting regular maintenance. Take a look at some of our commercial redevelopment projects below to understand the ways in which we can develop commercial real estate for you and browse through photos of some our on-going construction projects. Get in touch with us for more details and information on how we can improve your commercial real estate property for lease.

Kentucky Office
Building Redevelopment

Our investor group client purchased an older office building in a busy metropolitan area. With its faded look, the building was no longer able to command market prices. Madison Properties did a careful evaluation and submitted a detailed redevelopment plan. With a big capital investment, the office building was transformed with a new entrance and a stylish modern look. MP took over the leasing and the building now commands premium rates and is generating a profit.


JAPM Roofing Project

Years of subpar maintenance led to big problems at a shopping center, a roof that leaked and no longer met municipal standards. Unanswered tenant complaints led to an occupancy drop. Madison Properties took a two-pronged path: first, we contracted with a reputable roofing company at a very good price. Second, we met with each tenant and explained the repair process, promising a much-improved building environment. The tenants were delighted to meet face-to-face with the MP agents. This important commercial property is now occupied with happily leased tenants.

School Street Shopping
Center Remodel

A suburban shopping center with an out-of-date look and poor tenant mix goes into foreclosure. The new owners want an effective turnaround.Shopping center customers are highly sensitive to curb appeal and convenience. The Madison Properties redevelopment plan provided a new facade for the complex and a parking lot resurfacing. With its updated look, MP Leasing added national retailers like O'Reilly Auto Parts, Cardio Express and Dunkin' Donuts and the shopping center is now thriving once again.